So long a time it will be, Pere; where does your demise leave us?

Perfect tribute!

The Frying Pun

The first time I was faced with death was when a paternal uncle and his family of seven perished in a boat accident. The remains brought home were so bloated they created fear. I was just a child then, but I never thought I would ever face a corpse again in my life. Funerals, burials, requiems… I dreaded all these things. But in early 2000, I attended the first vigil in my life. A sportswoman had passed on and the wake was teeming with people, including a weirdo I later learnt never missed a wake in Kakira. On this particular night, he was drunk—as usual—and he made it a point to interrupt every nice thing said about the deceased except her sports talent. He would jump up and rave: Speak the truth. That girl got a scholarship to Kibuli SS but spent all her time in clubs in Kabalagala… She…

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