Africa Magic calls for Ugandan film ideas


Ugandan movie makers have another chance to see their cinematic dreams come to reality courtesy of Africa Magic, a pay-TV service that draws its authenticity from claiming to be the hub where African stories are told cinematically. The 10-year-old pay-TV service is baiting cinema practitioners with a call for stories that will capture the East African essence focusing on the reflection of the life, traditions, lifestyles/ culture, wealth and relationships of one of the continent’s most recognized trading blocs.

Africa Magic is shopping for 56 fixed budget original, highly entertaining 60-minutes feature films with a view of capturing the heart and soul of ordinary East Africans. Those interested being part of this initiative have to submit a title and tagline of their cinematic project in a one page summary alongside the synopsis of the feature film on no more than one page. They should also include a bio or CV and email their package to The deadline is Sunday July 21, 2013. Good luck!



1 thought on “Africa Magic calls for Ugandan film ideas

  1. Samuel Lutaaya

    There is an article in Friday’s Monitor newspaper that has the same information but with a gmail address. I am not sure whether these are the same people but maybe not. Please confirm.


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