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Juliana: The People’s Pop Princess


Juliana blushes when I call her the people’s pop princess. “That’s too much pressure if people are looking at you like that,” she responds. Yet it’s a compliment she should take in her stride if anything because it is high praise that is well deserved. Those that have seen her rise from being a karaoke upstart belting out Mariah Carey songs to the chart-topping chanteuse she is today will attest to talent that has been baked in a crucible for the past 15 years. Which is what she wants revellers at her Up close & Personal concert at the Serena Kampala Hotel come Friday October 18, 2013 to take away; Juliana the woman, the mother, the human being. “This will be about more than just singing songs. There will be chatting in between songs so that my fans know more about me when the show is over,” she says. Not that she’s been doing a Sade on her fans akin to the British-Nigerian diva’s rare appearances that only occur when she is promoting a new album. Juliana has been planning this particular concert for some time now. “It’s just that things have been happening year-in year-out and I end up not performing,” she adds. Continue reading