The Lessons Of 2013

The CHRONICLES of Eristaus

  1. Learn To Trust In God And In People

People are people, they will always let you down yet ironically its very exhausting to live without trust. Two things; apply wisdom and discretion but most importantly trust God to bring the right people in your life. Sometimes the wrong people are the right people because they come teach you how to appreciate the right people when they come

  1. Be Yourself

This is probably one of the most difficult things to do in life and for very many reasons. First of all African parenting doesn’t encourage individuality. This guarantees a crisis at point X in ones life. The good thing about it is that if dealt with well, it can be the best thing to happen to you – “Self Discovery”. Secondly, Society has been spending a lot time teaching us what it thinks we should be, unfortunately we cant all be…

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