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Here’s to Seanice & Fabian’s “artsy” marriage

Sean Fab IIIt mattered little to me that two avowed misogamists were going back on their word and tying the knot. From my vantage point at the Speke Resort Munyonyo Marina, all that was going through my mind were the artsy possibilities that would come out of the Fabian Adeoye Lojede and Seanice Kacungira marital union as the newly weds made merry.

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A more befitting Elly Wamala rendition tribute


I would have preferred that the late EllyWamala’s familycommemorated the 10th anniversary of his passing by way of a stage musical instead of the mostly tacky renditions of the evergreen maestro’s songbook the bulk of which border on desecration. I hope he is not turning in his grave at this. May be the family didn’t know better. A one-off over-priced concert was probably the best way they knew how to remember their musical patriarch. Pity it will be quickly forgotten as soon as the music instruments are put away.

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Discovering premium touristy Uganda

"Discover Uganda" show hosts Kemiyondo Courtinho and Mosha Danze

“Discover Uganda” show hosts Kemiyondo Courtinho and Mosha Danze

I liked that Discover Uganda was a departure from the armchair tourism television format of a presenter introducing a segment in the comfort of a studio while a field presenter lazily takes viewers on a boring atlas-like journey into the wild or something. This was bulls-eye stuff that sucks you into the experience and makes you forget you are soaking it all up from the comfort of your couch. The two hosts took us on a road journey to Jinja to make our own discovery of the mighty River Nile, which many of us still don’t appreciate beyond the erratic electricity supply from its over-dammed waters. The premise was on point. A contrast between the roadside mouth-watering treats at Namawojjolo and the not so generous haute cuisine servings at Wild Waters, a resort that sits right in the middle of the Nile. Continue reading

SMACK & Sunsas; “sosh” a la poetry

SMACK SUNSA IIThis Friday December 5th, my Alma Mater St. Mary’s College Kisubi will hold a poetry recital at the National Theatre. Alongside the O-level leaving students of Nabisunsa Girls School, “the gentlemen” will enchant in A Verse in Vac. In my school days at the college, the only reputation Sunsas girls had was that they were less snotty than their Gayaza and Namagunga counterparts when it came to those cherished once-in-four-years social sessions. They were more likely to oblige to limiting the distance during the squeeze/ slow dancing sessions that more often than not left us concealing boners and wet patches on our pants. Continue reading

Of Alliance Francaise & Goethe-Zentrum’s Bukoto relocation

Apparently, there is more to Alliance Francaise and Goethe-Zentrum Kampala sharing office space than just a cost-cutting marriage of (rent) convenience. The gesture is deeply rooted in burying the hatchet and synergising by way of a collective Euro-cultural agenda. The historical rivalry between France and Germany is well documented and both Ambassadors resident in Uganda beat themselves up over the silly carnage from the wars between the two had caused in the past. That said, there’s no missing the much-appreciated cultural activity these two push together even with their flagship assignment to increase the number of French and German speakers across the globe. Of course the competitive edge one gets from having an additional “international” language in the global employment space cannot be overemphasised. Continue reading

Kampala International Theatre Festival; revolutionary!


A scene from the play “Maria Kizito”

Half of my heart wanted to write off the inaugural Kampala International Theatre Festival as yet another of those Uncle Sam cultural imperialist missions. But after the Sundance Institute-funded November 26-30 five-day stage fest, all I wanted to do was give the Festival Director Deborah Asiimwea platonic hug. This was theatre with as much story as trend. Minimalism was the gist here; small casts, minimal props and run times of 90 minutes max! There was no need for humongous cast sizes and up to six hours of playtime!

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