SMACK & Sunsas; “sosh” a la poetry

SMACK SUNSA IIThis Friday December 5th, my Alma Mater St. Mary’s College Kisubi will hold a poetry recital at the National Theatre. Alongside the O-level leaving students of Nabisunsa Girls School, “the gentlemen” will enchant in A Verse in Vac. In my school days at the college, the only reputation Sunsas girls had was that they were less snotty than their Gayaza and Namagunga counterparts when it came to those cherished once-in-four-years social sessions. They were more likely to oblige to limiting the distance during the squeeze/ slow dancing sessions that more often than not left us concealing boners and wet patches on our pants.

And if I recall, the only time we waxed lyrical in pretentious poetry was during the attention-robbing speed delivery letters post-sosh. Those were pre-WhatsApp/email times. Even the azure-coloured aerogrammes were much frowned upon in our attempts to lace Cupid’s caricature with “atmospheric cosmogony” romantic gab. We preferred the pocket-money-guzzling DHL equivalent of the time; Speed Delivery. That was when morning prep was introduced to prevent us from having longer wet dreams and keep us on track in feeding the academic sausage machine that churns out scientists by the UNEB load.

Yours truly has often opined that SMACK was his mis-education and if he had it his way, Namasagali would have been his school of choice if anything to while his school days dancing, swimming and playing chess. But here’s to changing times and holistic learning. I hear my Alma Mater now boasts a school band, a school choir with a number of CDs under its vocal belt and an swimming pool that should incubate a new generation of Olympic aquatic sports stars. It’s only now that the school anthem lyrics “Up boys truest fame lies in high endeavour” are starting to make meaning. Once again, here’s to changing times where testosterone makes way for waxing lyrical a la poetry and not lusty “squeeze dancing”. Entrance is an affordable UGX5K in case you feel like attend something more fulfilling than a wedding (or should I say begging) meeting.


want to attend something more fulfilling than a wedding (or should I say begging) meeting.

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