Here’s to Seanice & Fabian’s “artsy” marriage

Sean Fab IIIt mattered little to me that two avowed misogamists were going back on their word and tying the knot. From my vantage point at the Speke Resort Munyonyo Marina, all that was going through my mind were the artsy possibilities that would come out of the Fabian Adeoye Lojede and Seanice Kacungira marital union as the newly weds made merry.

Seanice is an alumna of Namasagali College, the top performing arts high school from back in the day. And while she was mostly inconspicuous in the annual dance dramas during her school days, she put on quite a Broadway/ West End calibre show as a femme fatale in Happy Life Hotel. That particular production was an attempt by old “Sagali” students to revive their theatrical heyday now that the sun seems to have set on Rev. Fr. Grimes little academic empire.

Fabian on the other hand, is known to many as the villainous Bola Abayomi in the hit Black Gold African series, Jacob’s Cross. He boasts great screen presence in this aesthetically superior audio-visual production enough to eclipse the show’s lead character. Fabian’sscreen versatility is very much on show as the affable Femi in the xenophobia-themed film Man on Ground about the Black on Black violence in South Africa. He is a man that is firmly on ground when it comes to cinema. He loves to wax lyrical about passion cinematic projects alongside which include a desire to portray fallen Burkinabe leader Thomas Sankara. His passion for Africa has seen him set up a pan-African web portal that is out to “hear only the good news on “Radio Africa”.

Some may choose to see Seanice’s and Fabian’s nuptials as a somewhat odd Ugandan-Nigerian union. But I prefer to see these two as passionate Afropolitans whose marriage will accentuate their individual skillset.Their broader wish may be to make money but I want to see both pushing the arts agenda with Seanice lending her digital marketing aptitude while Fabian’sbroad cinematic networks ought to be milked.


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