DStv’s BBC Entertainment rebrands to BBC Brit

Those with a palate for snotty (and often-times toffee-nosed) British culture can indulge in the now rebranded BBC Brit DStv Channel 120 that promises “intelligent but irreverent” programming that gladly steers clear of the Keeping Up Appearances mould. The channel will mostly piggyback off its predecessor BBC Entertainment staples like Top Gear with all new episodes airing first on BBC Brit. Complementing this acclaimed car-themed programming will be stuff on science, adventure, business, life-changing moments, extreme characters, quirky eccentrics and comedy all packaged as quick-witted entertainment, the preserve of DStv Premium, Compact Plus and Compact customers.

Royal Marines Commando School

Royal Marines Commando School

And all this “haute” British TV stuff has specifically been designed to reach a diverse pan-African audience, reflecting a wide range of voices, ages and cultures. Handpicked shows to look forward to include;

Youngers; a fresh and exciting new comedy drama set in the UK urban music scene, Youngers follows the journey of two teenage boys, Yemi and Jay, in their quest to break into the music industry. (Airing Tuesdays 20:00 CAT) .

Bad Robots; a brand new hidden camera show where technology is out to humiliate, aggravate and exasperate the unsuspecting public. From photo booths that distort your face for your passport photo, to a library search machine that announces you are searching for “pictures of horses in thongs”. No one is safe from Bad Robots. From Monday 7 September at 21:30 CAT.

Royal Marines Commando School; a series that takes a look behind the scenes of one of the most arduous basic military training programmes in the world. Like rabbits in headlights, the recruits struggle to cope with the gruelling demands of their new way of life, toiling tirelessly to master the details, stay awake and even suppress giggles in the face of their drill instructors’ wrath. Some question their decision to join up, while others have their career as a Marine cut short when it’s barely begun. From 7 September at 20:00 CAT.

Duck Quacks Don’t Echo; here, comedian Lee Mack presents a brand new panel show that explores bizarre and fascinating facts. Each week, three celebrity guests will offer an incredible fact for discussion and with some expert help they’ll attempt to prove to their fellow panellists – and the nation – that it’s true. From Friday 4 September at 21:00 CAT.


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